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Panama: a personal record of forty six years 1861 1907.

Robinson, Tracy.

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  • Matéria Canal de panamá - historia
    Panama - historia
    Canal de panamá
    Panamá - descripciones y viajes
  • Descrição El documento original se encuentra en el Harvard College Library.
  • Identificador 177982
  • Resumo Sixty years ago the city of Panama was more difficult to reach than Tibet is today. The only means of communication, after the rule of Spain had ended and the paved road across the Isthmus, from Port- Bello on Atlantic, had become a ruin was either by sea as far as boats could go by the Rio Chagres, and thence on muleback. In such circunstances the need of modern means of communication across the Isthmus had been felt before the discovery of gold in California.