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The truth about the Panama Canal.

Kitchel, Denison.

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  • Lugar de Publicação New York
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  • Matéria Canal de panamá
    Canal de panamá - historia
    Panamá - relaciones exteriores - estados unidos
    Estados unidos - relaciones exteriores - panamá
  • Descrição Ejemplar único de la sala panameña
  • Identificador 177984
  • Resumo Seldom thought of but long cherished as a part of our national heritage, a symbol of unique national accomplishment, the Panama Canal has suddenly become a national storm center. Out of blue, the American people are told that their leaders are committed to giving up the Canal, that we are going to get out of Panama, that we are going to pay Panama billions of dollars to take the responsibility for operating and defending the Canal off our hands, that these things must be done, that there is not other course.