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Zone policeman 88 : a close range study of the Panama Canal and its workers.

Franck, Harry Alverson, 1881-

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  • Place of publication New York
  • Type Libro
  • Subject Policía - panamá
    Imperialismo - estados unidos
    Canal de panamá
    Zona del canal
  • Description El documento original esta en la Biblioteca del Congreso
  • Identifier 177889
  • Summary Originally published in 1913, during the construction of the Panama Canal, Harry A. Franck tells the story of his service as a police officer in the Canal Zone. Franck was a well-known travel writer in the first half of the twentieth century. He missed none of the color and humor and adventures of his experiences; and his book is a faithful and fascinating picture of all he saw and heard and enjoyed - enjoyed to the full and makes his reader enjoy. There are many photographs of the canal construction and other scenes taken by the author