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Panama and the canal to day: an historical account of the canal project from the earliest times with special reference to the enterprises of the French company and the United States, with a detailed description of the waterway as it will be ultimately constructed: together with a brief history of the country and the first comprehensive account of its physical features and natural resources.

Lindsay-Forbes, Charles Harcourt Ainslie.

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  • Place of publication Boston
  • Type Libro
  • Subject Canal de panamá - historia
    Canal de panamá
    Panamá - historia
  • Description El documento original se encuentra en la Universidad de Cornell, el mismo fue bajado de internet.
  • Identifier 177881
  • Summary The construction of the Canal recently entered upon its final stage. Up to this time the plans have been frequently changed; but it is hardly possible that any important modifications can be made in future. The present, therefore, appears to be a peculiarly appropriate time to publish an account of the work which has been done and a description of the plans upon which it will be finished.