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The conquest of the Isthmus: the men who are building the Panama Canal their daily lives, perils, and adventures.

Weir, Hugh C(.(Hugh Cosgro), b. 1884.

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  • Subject Roosevelt, franklin delano, 1882 - 1945
    Canal de panamá - historia
    Canal de panamá - enfermedades
    Panamá - autores
    Canal de panamá
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  • Summary The Panama Canal never will be dug by machinery alone. Beyond the steam shovels and the dirt trains, beyond the air-drillers and the dredges, the union of the Atlantic and the Pacific depends upon the man who are giving health, wealth, and life in the battle with the tropical jungle. It os of these men, the khaki heroes of wilderness, of whom Iwould tell, the men who have rubbed elbows with death from almost every angle and in almost every guise in order thet the American nation might win the greatest industrial victory in the history of the world.