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Panama roughneck ballads.

Hall, John

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  • Place of publication Alberto Lindo, PanamaRailroad News Agency
  • Type Libro
  • Subject Canal de panamá
    Canal de panamá - historia
    Literatura panameña - poesía
    Panamá - historia
  • Description El documento original esta en la Biblioteca de la Universidad de California, este documento fue bajado de internet
  • Identifier 177922
  • Summary This little book is dedicated to the men in the Big Ditch, as the Panama Canal, now rapidly nearing completion, is called. The terms roughneck; and husky; are not used in a disparaging sense ; on the contrary, the author is inspired by feelings of respect and friendship for the brave, hardy fellows who are facing the count less dangers attendant upon such a gigantic under taking as the piercing of the Isthmus of Panama and the joining of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.