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History of the Panama Canal : its construction and builders.

Bennett, Ira Elbert, 1868-1957; associate editors: John Hays Hammond, Patrick J. Lennox, William Joseph Showalter, Capt. Philip Andrews, Rupert Blue, J. Hampton Moore.

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  • Place of publication Washington, D.C.
  • Type Libro
  • Subject Ferrocarriles - panamá - historia
    Canal de panamá - historia
    Canal de panamá - fotografías
    Panamá - historia - descubrimientos y conquistas, 1501 - 1550
  • Description El documento original esta en la Universidad de California. Wste fue bajado de internet.
  • Identifier 177907
  • Summary In the ensuing pages an effort has been made to tell the plain, unvarnished story of Panama and the Panama Canal. The information contained herein has been gathered from many publications and from public and private persons. The records of the Government have been available at all times, to the writer, thanks to the courtesy of the authorities at Washington and of Major-General Goethals. Special acknowledgments are due to the Hon. William H. Taft, who, as Secretary of War and President of the United States, from 1904 to 1913, directed the affairs of the Panama Canal from its beginning to its virtual completion.