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Document Type Material cartográfico And tipo de materia Amazonas, Rio - Mapas - Obras anteriores a 1800 

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1. A new general chart of the coast of Brazil from the River Amazon to the River Plate.

Dessiou, J. Foss (Joseph Foss), fl.1790-1842 - 1818

2. Le cours de la riviere des Amazones dresse sur la relation

Sanson, Nicolas, 1600-1667 - 1680

3. Le Perou dans L'Amerique Meridionale

Fer, Nicolas de, 1646-1720 - 1719

4. Guiana siue amazonum regis

Jansson, Jan, 1588-1664

5. A new and accurate map of Peru and the country of the Amazones drawn from the most authentic French Maps e C. and regulated by astronomical observation.

Bowen, Emanuel, m.1767 - [17--]